Monday, 6 February 2012

Visual Memories

So it's been a pretty busy few days, haven't really been writing any entries yet so I'm going to put up some pictures and introduce you a little more to my life.....

* The first giant cupcake I made *

* Sir Gregory House the hamster *

* Forever Changes - Love.  The best album of all time, check it out!! *

* My first crochet blanket, I got it finished within 2 weeks of breaking my foot *

* One of our house parties, we re-enacted the ferrero roche Ambassador Ball *

* Birch Gallagher, one of the house dogs.  He is the most lovable big dogs ever *

Ok it's pretty cold here in the internet room so I'm gonna have to finish up now and head to the cosy sitting room, I will plan my next one today and write a proper entry tomorrow x

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