Sunday, 2 September 2012

Long Time No See

I have finally gotten my new laptop :)
It's taken months and months of saving but I got the Mac Book Pro.  Still trying to upload all my music and catch up on the runway shows and documentary I've been missing but I promise I will be back on a  normal blogging schedule soon.  There is big changes happening and I want to share them all with you in good time....

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thursday Tunes

I am lucky, extremely lucky....

I love live music and I happen to be friends with some of the most amazing musicians in Ireland, I'd even go as far as to say the world.  But we all know how hard it is to make it in the recording world so most if not all of these musicians you will never have heard of.

So each week I'm going to post a video from one of my amazingly talented friends and let you decide for yourself.

The first video I'm choosing is a cover.
D-Riculous All Stars are a cover band consisting of David Griffin (Guitar/Vox), Phil Stanton (Drums) and Phil Daily (Bass).  This video was filmed in Sweeney Mongrels bar in the centre of Dublin City, our local, the best pub around for live music and filled with friendly faces.  It is a cover of one of my favourite songs, 'Grace' by Jeff Buckley and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside every time I watch it.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do....

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Mini sword

Currently I am obsessed with 'Game of Thrones' an epic series of books by author George R.R. Martin. Now also a great TV series on HBO.
In honour of this I have made a miniature sword forged from a nail.
I am going to share a little make and do once I have access to the tools required again but here is some pictures till that happens.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Alice in Funderland

So one of my 28 before 29 plans was to go see more plays and that I have been doing.
Last night I went to see Alice in Funderland in Dublin's Abbey Theatre.  A modern take on Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland'. Alice a Corkonian in Dublin for her sisters hen night chases Warren down the proverbial rabbit hole.

It was quiet long but that would be the only downside to the whole show.  The performers, set, costumes and songs were all brilliant and thoroughly enchanting.

This review from the Irish Times describes it better then I ever could :)

If anyone in Ireland gets a chance to see this, grab that chance with both hands.

My First Sale!!

So I have been busy crocheting and I made my first sale :)
It felt so good that someone actually wanted to buy something that I made and I was very proud of the finished product.  Here's the picture of the final blanket.

I already have a few more blankets on the production line so expect more pictures, I also need to get my arse into gear and get my Etsy selling shop up and running.

Monday, 9 April 2012

The Silver Lining

So it's two and a half months after breaking my foot and I am still not back walking yet, I can get around for awhile on one crutch but it hurts my shoulder and it's tiring.  It's a long road to recovery and there's been some really hard days along the way but I am finally seeing all the good to come out of this.
It's making me appreciate everything so much more, my family, my friends, my own ability with crafts, my personal belief and resolve in making my own business work.
I've found happiness in everything I used to take for granted.
Post in my first proper sale to follow :)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I’ve been wanting to paint a canvas for a while now.  I’ve come up with many ideas and took beautiful pictures that I thought would be great for it.  But it’s been so long since I’ve just put paint to canvas that I was slightly afraid.  What if it turned out to be a mess, I hadn’t planned it down to the final detail… it might be terrible.  So last night I gave myself 20 minutes to do out a sketch, only 1 sketch and I had to paint it today.  A very rough sketch, some crocheting and a good night sleep later I was set up watching ‘Breaking Bad’ season 2 with my paints and canvas all ready.

I used a cheap canvas and the ends of paints I have had for a year or 2. 
I found myself sketching with pencil and i was freaking me out so I picked up the paint brush and just began.  Finally free fun and just painting, nearly laughing at myself for being so afraid at the start.  I’m sure it happens to everyone at times but I still felt silly.

Anyway it didn’t turn out to be a work of art, it’s very simple but I like it, so much so that I might even hang it in my bedroom.  The excitement is already bubbling up at the thought of the next larger canvas I have to fill up!  And here it is

Something so simple helped me so much x

Monday, 13 February 2012

House Jumpers !!!!!!!

Ok so I haven't been blogging as much as I wanted to but I am thinking and planning them!
I live in what is now being called recession mansions.  A big house that was on the market when the recession hit, 13 people pitched in together and have formed the strangest of families!
Made up of people on the dole, full/part time workers, artists, musicians, trades men and of course festival workers, it is by far the most interesting, exciting place I've ever lived.
I will post more about the house and it's people but I had to talk now about the jumpers we got.
On a trip to a local liquidation shop a bag of 13 matching woolen tennis club jumpers was found and purchased, sounds ridiculous but my god it's hilarious.  We've all been going around the house like little children in matching uniforms.
These are the times I'll remember when I'm older and look back at them smiling.

Good times my friend, good times x

Monday, 6 February 2012

Visual Memories

So it's been a pretty busy few days, haven't really been writing any entries yet so I'm going to put up some pictures and introduce you a little more to my life.....

* The first giant cupcake I made *

* Sir Gregory House the hamster *

* Forever Changes - Love.  The best album of all time, check it out!! *

* My first crochet blanket, I got it finished within 2 weeks of breaking my foot *

* One of our house parties, we re-enacted the ferrero roche Ambassador Ball *

* Birch Gallagher, one of the house dogs.  He is the most lovable big dogs ever *

Ok it's pretty cold here in the internet room so I'm gonna have to finish up now and head to the cosy sitting room, I will plan my next one today and write a proper entry tomorrow x

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


So this is me, the person behind the rambling mess of words that spill onto this page.  It's an old one as you can see by the date but I like it, so I'm putting it up :)

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Brief Introduction of Everything

I'm entering my 3rd week of a broken foot.  I wont lie, it's been tough as hell.
The first few days the pain was ridiculous, I couldn't move without wincing in agony.  I couldn't get down the stairs with out fainting and getting sick.  Once the pain passed and I realised how hard it was to get around - jesus was it frustrating.  I'm normally a very active girl.  Work 40+ hours a week and have done for the past 8 and a bit years.  That's 100 months in the same job and for a 27 year old girl that's a long time!
My spare time is spent reading, watching TV shows/documentaries/films while crafting/creating/sewing/painting, working with a great team of people on an independent music festival in Ireland and visiting my family nowhere near half enough (their amazing).
Before the accident I could only sit down and completely relax when I was hungover and incapable of doing nothing else :) As I'm getting older (not old) that's happening a lot less thank the stars.  And now I have nothing but time to sit around, think, design and brainstorm!

My 5 year goal is to get myself out of my current office job and be partly supporting my life with my creations and part-time work in a job I love.
My ideal 5 year goal is to be completely supporting myself through creations.

Sooooo..... basically I've decided to start this blog to detail what I'm doing, how I'm getting on doing those things, big events in my life, love and loaths and most importantly keeping track of my 5 year goal.  This is me keeping check on working towards a happy life....  This is what I'm in the humor of!!