Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I’ve been wanting to paint a canvas for a while now.  I’ve come up with many ideas and took beautiful pictures that I thought would be great for it.  But it’s been so long since I’ve just put paint to canvas that I was slightly afraid.  What if it turned out to be a mess, I hadn’t planned it down to the final detail… it might be terrible.  So last night I gave myself 20 minutes to do out a sketch, only 1 sketch and I had to paint it today.  A very rough sketch, some crocheting and a good night sleep later I was set up watching ‘Breaking Bad’ season 2 with my paints and canvas all ready.

I used a cheap canvas and the ends of paints I have had for a year or 2. 
I found myself sketching with pencil and i was freaking me out so I picked up the paint brush and just began.  Finally free fun and just painting, nearly laughing at myself for being so afraid at the start.  I’m sure it happens to everyone at times but I still felt silly.

Anyway it didn’t turn out to be a work of art, it’s very simple but I like it, so much so that I might even hang it in my bedroom.  The excitement is already bubbling up at the thought of the next larger canvas I have to fill up!  And here it is

Something so simple helped me so much x

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