Tuesday, 31 January 2012


So this is me, the person behind the rambling mess of words that spill onto this page.  It's an old one as you can see by the date but I like it, so I'm putting it up :)

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Brief Introduction of Everything

I'm entering my 3rd week of a broken foot.  I wont lie, it's been tough as hell.
The first few days the pain was ridiculous, I couldn't move without wincing in agony.  I couldn't get down the stairs with out fainting and getting sick.  Once the pain passed and I realised how hard it was to get around - jesus was it frustrating.  I'm normally a very active girl.  Work 40+ hours a week and have done for the past 8 and a bit years.  That's 100 months in the same job and for a 27 year old girl that's a long time!
My spare time is spent reading, watching TV shows/documentaries/films while crafting/creating/sewing/painting, working with a great team of people on an independent music festival in Ireland and visiting my family nowhere near half enough (their amazing).
Before the accident I could only sit down and completely relax when I was hungover and incapable of doing nothing else :) As I'm getting older (not old) that's happening a lot less thank the stars.  And now I have nothing but time to sit around, think, design and brainstorm!

My 5 year goal is to get myself out of my current office job and be partly supporting my life with my creations and part-time work in a job I love.
My ideal 5 year goal is to be completely supporting myself through creations.

Sooooo..... basically I've decided to start this blog to detail what I'm doing, how I'm getting on doing those things, big events in my life, love and loaths and most importantly keeping track of my 5 year goal.  This is me keeping check on working towards a happy life....  This is what I'm in the humor of!!